Picking your scent

The Fragrances of the World fragrance wheel is globally accepted as being the leading industry authority for fragrance classification.
The fragrance wheel has 4 main family groups: Ambery, Woody, Fresh and Floral. Within each of these are a further 14 subgroup families that capture the dominant notes characterising the fragrances. A scent family is a fragrance group including aromas that are similar, share the same characteristics or have complementary differences.

Each of our Saint Cobes fragrances have been specifically developed to represent the 4 primary family groups; AMBA (Ambery), KATAKO (Woody), SABO (Fresh) and FURE (Floral). Most people instinctively choose their preferred cologne fragrance from the same 1 or 2 families, so we have included other well-known fragrances from each family to act as a guide on the scent you can expect.

You’ll recognise a scent from the ambery fragrance family for its rich with exotic notes. These tend to be full and heady scents created with spices, resins and herbs delivering a sensual appeal. Ambery fragrances are often described as seductive and exotic and have a reputation of being long lasting due to their sophistication and depth. These fragrances are often associated with the colder seasons of Autumn and Winter.

Our scent within the Ambery fragrance family is AMBA.

Woody fragrances can often be identified by their warm and earthy aromas. To complement these, they are often layered with fresher citrus notes to deliver a captivating and inviting scent. Fragrances from this family are often very distinctive, due to their intensity, as well as boasting a longer lasting quality. These fragrances are often associated with the colder seasons of Autumn and Winter.

Our scent within the Woody fragrance family is KATAKO.

The Fresh fragrance family is renowned for its crisp, refreshing, and uplifting aromas. Fresh fragrances are commonly used across both male and female scents due to their familiarity. The combination of herb, citrus, and ocean notes delivers a robust fragrance full of vibrancy that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. These fragrances are often associated with the warmer seasons of Spring and Summer.

Our scent within the Fresh fragrance family is SABO.

One of the most popular fragrance families and often misunderstood to be traditionally a feminine-orientated scent. The Floral family contains the widest variety of fragrances, with fruits and spices as part of the subfamilies. Aromas from this family range from soft scent profiles to those that are denser, contributing to fragrances that are both delicate and complex. These fragrances are popular all year round and not associated with any specific seasons.
Our scent within the Floral fragrance family is FURE.