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Customer Reviews


Love the scents!

Bought the starter sample kit, they smell great, love the solid form rather than a spray and smell seems to last longer too than my usual colognes. Have just purchased the Amba and Katako standard sizes.

Vancouver, Canada

Just amazing

I bought the sample kit to give to my boyfriend, it arrived today, was super fast and I must say that they are better than I expected. And the packaging is quite nice it feels expensive! All 4 of the essences smell super good, I'm excited to smell it on him. I definitely recommend this!

London, England

Great product

Look, i'll try not to go on about it, even though I really could; these are exceptional fragrances. I'm incredible fussy when it comes to different scents, and I like all 4 Saint Cobes fragrances. Some appealed to me more than others, but that's the whole point of the sample pack. It was so convenient being able to pocket my favourite for the day, and apply whenever I felt like it. Thank you Saint Cobes for taking the time to create such an impressive product.

Manchester, England

Brilliant gift

Bought for my husband as a Christmas present. Absolutely love the idea. He loved the bag too. Big enough to fit everything he needs on our 5 week over seas trip.

Brisbane, Australia

Smells great for all occasions

Honestly I was quite surprised to find that I enjoy all scent out of the box. Definitely something I will be using for now on. I have a wedding to go to and this has me sorted!

Melbourne, Australia

Highly Recommend

Great way to try before committing to the larger size. The little pots are convenient to carry in your bag on the go. The scents all smell amazing and I find it hard to pick a favourite. Very impressed.

Sydney, Australia

Super Impressed...

I purchased the sample pack and it's great. All four fragrances smell really nice. Delivery was quick and the packaging is stylish. It feels nice on my skin when I put it on, the fragrance lasts a long time and the size is perfect for travel. I highly recommend this product and will purchase again.

New South Wales, Australia

Luxury in small packages

Loved the opportunity to get samples of what is a wonderful set of scents. Will definitely be back. Great idea

London, England

Sample pack review

I recently bought the sample pack to try the products. I am delighted with the pack and absolutely LOVE the fragrances.

Oxford, UK
Made from full grain, soft black pebble genuine leather