10 Benefits of Solid Cologne Over Spray Cologne

1. It’s better for you and your skin. Our solid colognes are made from a blend of beeswax and nourishing oils, like Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter, that hydrate and nourish your skin. Whereas spray colognes contain up to 90% alcohol, as well as other nasty fillers.
2. Solid Colognes offer a more convenient way to wear your scent every day. Our solid colognes are pocket sized and lightweight, which means you can conveniently always keep it on you. You never know what situation you might need a quick top up to keep you smelling fresh!
3. They last much longer on your skin. Due to the wax base, solid colognes include more parfum than in a spray bottle, so you get to enjoy your scent for much longer. One application will last 8-10 hours but like all colognes, it will slowly evaporate over time, so you have the option to conveniently re-apply and top up whenever you wish.
4. They are discreet to use and re-apply. Nobody wants to be that person where you pull out spray cologne in a room and everyone around you also gets hit with your scent. Solid Colognes allow you to casually apply balm to your pulse points, making it a much more subtle and discreet application experience.
5. It allows you to adopt a more sustainable approach. Solid colognes are refillable, so you can simply replace the cologne insert when you have run out or want to trial a new scent. Not only better for you, but better for the environment.
6. They are travel friendly. As our solid colognes aren't classed as a liquid, there is no need to declare at the airport, so you can keep in your hand luggage and easily re-apply 30,000ft in the sky!
7. It offers considerably better value. As solid colognes don’t have a long list of filler chemicals, we can keep our costs down and offer considerably better value compared to spray colognes. Our solid colognes are a comparable size to a 50ml bottle of spray cologne and offer at least 6 months of daily usage.
8. Fragrances are highly respondent to times of day and seasons. This means that your go-to scent might change for day and night, and different times of year. Our refillable solid colognes mean you can change your scent based on the season, environment and mood you’re in.
9. You never have to worry about breakages. Solid colognes are highly durable, secured in their steel container, so you never need to worry about a smashed bottle leaking in your bag.
10. There’s nothing more unattractive than someone soaked in cologne. The overspray is a common mistake and happens all too often. The subtle nature of applying solid cologne to your pulse points is much more manageable, so ensures you’ll always wear just the right amount.